“Shea” Goodbye

As we inch ever so closer to opening day I have the same thought.  How are they going to remove all of that mess that is now Shea Stadium?  That is a lot of steel, iron, and other building materials to remove.  Since I live right by the stadium, I am privy to seeing this cookie cutter stadiums demise.  Unfortunately, I am not able to take the pictures that Tom Kaminski of WCBS 880 took while flying in a helicopter over the rubble.  Take a look at what has been going on.



I sat in the upper deck in this photograph more times than I could ever imagine.  It is crazy to see exactly what is left of that area.  Wait until you see the next one.  Try and make out what is on the wall…


If you said that is where it used to say Shea Stadium, then you are correct.  See my people for your gift prize.  The Mets actually auctioned off the letters from the sign.  Act fast and you too can own a piece of Mets history (I’ll stick with my scorecards). I would have had the S, but where the heck would I keep giant, white, captial, letter with a baby coming.  So, Emma your father couldn’t buy you a playpen, but here play on a piece of Shea history.  Could you see her mother’s face???


Back to the task at hand a tour of Shea’s demise…How about this one??


FIRE!!!!  Oh wait, its just one of NYC Union Steelworkers…Always employ union workers..


 Last, but not least let’s look at a time lapse photo from one week ago.  This was taken on January 22.


Now, let us zoom forward to January 29.  Make a wish because there it goes….


Wow, who would have thought you could take a bulding down that fast in that short of time.  It won’t be long until I am parked right where Agee hit his big homerun, the ball went past Buckner, or where Mike Piazza drove that homer after 9-11….


Till next time.  I’m out like Mo Vaughn scoring from second.


**GATE C was the answer**





My 2 Cents…

When did the difference in prices for attending a baseball game become so out of control?  I never really sat down before and looked at the actual numbers.  I am a 15 game ticket holder for the Mets this season.  My brother, father, and I all decided that with the new stadium being built we should finally take the plunge.  Overall, with taxes the plan will cost each of us almost $400.  That did not seem like that crazy of an amount of money at the time.  You figure that the stadium is brand new, and that should sort of justify the cost.  In these times you have to be greatful that you can do something like this, and in no way am I complaining.  That was until I came across the Pirates website.

For my birthday this year I wanted to go to a couple of different stadiums with my lovely other half and my newly minted Mets fan of a daughter.  An entire season ticket subscription for the Pirates will cost you $399.  How crazy is that?  It is in the same section of the ballpark as I will be sitting in for my package at Citi Field.  I was floored because I didn’t think that was possible.  So, I refreshed my browser.  To my expectation, not a thing changed and my computer was not broken.  It was at that moment I realized how crazy it is to root for either a big or small market team.

So I decided to do a little research and see what I might find.  After doing some research I found out that Pirates have NOT raised ticket prices in SEVEN years.  As stated on the Pirates website by Jenifer Langosch / MLB.com.

For the seventh straight season, the Pirates did not raise ticket prices for season-ticket holders. Every other Major League club has had at least one price hike during that span. Individual game ticket prices, too, remained the same as they were in 2008.


Meanwhile over here in Flushing the Mets have continued to raise ticket prices for as long as I can remember.  They have been doing this thing where you would pay more to see the better teams, and a lot less for the lower rungs of baseball society.  I remember one game costing me $20, and the next night different team, same seat was $32.  Where is the justice? 


I guess the justice is in that my team will always be spending money to bring in high quality talent (See K-Rod, Beltran, Pedro).  That doesn’t always equate to wins, and I understand that totally (See 2007 & 2008 Mets).


Its not just the Mets with the crazy ticket prices though.  Check out what John Hockenberry wrote on takeaway.org about ticket prices .  I guess this just brings back the whole concept of having money can help you to win, but you need to have a way to pay for it.  Unfortunately it is always the fans, who foot the bill, and not the franchise in the big cities. 

The best example of this is the current state of the Citi Field, and how the Mets needed more money to complete the project.  How did they come about finding this extra money?  They asked the city of NY for bonds.  These bonds were paid by whom you ask?  The citizens of NYC.  So, I ask you then who really owns the Mets new stadium?  Is it the Wilpons, the players???  Nope, WE the fans do.  In the spirit of fairness I would like to declare that I too want a $400 season ticket plan.  I know this will never happen so let’s just rename the stadium…


Till next time..I’m out like Ramon Castro in dodgeball……




What the Cubs should expect…

This is my testimony to the Cubs about their newly aquired pitcher Aaron Heliman.


Don’t worry about your necks on those homeruns he gives up.  You get used to it after the tenth one during the season.


Don’t worry because even he knows his stuff stinks…


Don’t forget there was that game where he never ran to first to cover and was beat out by the batter.  That will easily go away and Aaron never feels bad…Awww shucks..This is his favorite face…The “Did I just do that AGAIN face”…


You will belive that since he is from Notre Dame that he would follow thier creed..



Because of him though Notre Dame now does this before games..


Don’t worry you will learn his name is really A-Run He-Will Man…

OK, that name was a strech, but this might help you to understand who Aaron Heilman is..This one’s for you Cubs fans………………………


I was sitting down and thought back to little league when I was 12 years old.  Before the season began I broke the growth plate bone in my elbow.  I was in a cast for 6 weeks and couldn’t wait to go from base coach to ballplayer.  I finally had the cast taken off and was able to play.  I remember my father just showing up to my first game back, while I was walking up to bat.  I was so nervous, and my hands began to sweat really bad.  I walked to the plate with my red jersey on, and a desire to make my father proud of me.  I swung on the first pitch and drove the ball at least 200ft., and it fell just short of the wall.  I took off like a bat out of hell, and ran as fast as I could.  I knew that I would need to run as fast as humanly possible, but I never thought I could run that fast.  All I remember is the crowd cheering and my feet moving.  I rounded first..second…third..and I remember the throw coming in and I pulled a headfirst slide that would have made Cal Ripken Jr. flip out and Rickey Henderson smile and cheer…I dove for home and gashed the same elbow I had just broken….All I remember is the umpire saying safe and my elbow bleeding…I was never so proud of myself as I was that day on the field…..My father was smiling too


So, what does all this have to do with anything..well it has a lot to do with everything…I want my daughter to always know that I have her back and I will be there for her like my father was for me.  My father would sit and watch my games throughout my childhood and never was a loudmouth like other parents.  He would nod in approval or shake his head in his own way (this meant this is not my son)…..I guess I have a lot to llive up to because of him, but I think I can do it.  Change that I know I can do it….


By the way Emma’s due date is April 7th..Right around opening day..How cool is that??  If that is not a sign for a great season for the the Mets, I don’t know what is??


View image


Xavier Nady….Could it be possible to try and pick him up from the Yankees….I would like to hope so because then I could put to bed all my Manny chants….Who could we trade for him…I’m not quite sure, but I think we should look into it….


Mets-Yankees Trades All Time

December 9, 1977 – Mets traded Roy Staiger to the New York Yankees for Sergio Ferrer.

April 18, 1983 – Mets traded a player to be named later and Steve Ray (minors) to the Yankees for Tucker Ashford. The Mets sent Felix Perdomo (minors) (May 3, 1983) to the Yankees to complete the trade.

December 11, 1987 – Mets traded Rafael Santana and Victor Garcia (minors) to the Yankees for Darren Reed, Phil Lombardi, and Steve Frey.

July 10, 1989 – Mets traded Marcus Lawton to the Yankees for Scott Nielsen.

June 9, 1992 – Mets traded Tim Burke to the Yankees for Lee Guetterman.

September 17, 1993 – Mets traded Frank Tanana to the Yankees for Kenny Greer.

December 7, 2001 – Mets traded Robin Ventura to the Yankees for David Justice.

July 16, 2003 – Mets traded Armando Benitez to the Yankees for Jason Anderson, Anderson Garcia (minors), and Ryan Bicondoa (minors).

December 3, 2004 -Mets traded Mike Stanton to the Yankees for Felix Heredia. 

Update with Manny Rant

I haven’t posted anything in a long time and thought I should give some simple updates…


I have no idea where Manny is going to end up, but I think it will be the first team to give hime a 3 year deal…I keep saying all the Mets should do is 2 yrs 25 million (club option 3rd)…I know they won’t do it.  I think one of the big reasons is a “putz”..I  don’t mean the good one.  I am talking about the one at second base.  Look, I have always been a Luis Castillo guy from the time I saw him in the minors with the Portland Seadogs ( By the way Josh Beckett was on that team too)…I just think his mega contract is holding up a potential 20 million for Manny…I wish we could find a way to trade him, but the more you think about it, you have no way.  You are still eating salary from Willie’s contract and I think we might still be paying Mo Vaughn off….I never thought I would think this but the Mets are being REALLY cheap….I know the whole Ponzi scheme didn’t help matters, but come on???  Manny will pay for himself in the first year with merchandise, ticket sales, and anything else you can think of…Break out the checkbook and let’s all say it together…

“Wilpons…Off your fanny…Go get Manny!!!!”


Drove by Shea the other day…Not much is left…The only parts left are the decks behind homeplate…the stadium is almost fully gone…I’ll try to take a pic and post it later this week…


Alex Cora

Mets signed Alex Cora from the Red Sox for 1 year @ 2 million…I figure he will take the place of Damion Easly…Nice solid veteran who should play a role on the bench…Probally look to him becoming one of Jerry’s first pinch hitters off the bench…High on base % and plays a solid infield…